Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have suffered a work-related injury, the Law Offices of Alice Mkroyan, PLC can help you receive the benefits you need for medical treatment, paying your bills, and getting back on the job. While the first step you must take is to report your on-the-job accident to your employer, you will also need an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer to help you get the best results when dealing with insurance companies and other legal matters pertaining to your case.

Ms. Mkroyan is a trusted workers’ compensation attorney in Burbank, CA. In addition to Family Law and other areas of practice, her firm is uniquely qualified to handle workers’ compensation cases just like yours. We are in the business of protecting the rights of injured employees so you can get back to work and supporting your family. If an on-the-job injury has affected your ability to work, please call to schedule an appointment with Ms. Mkroyan today.