Pharmacy Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Alice Mkroyan, PLC assists pharmacists and pharmacies with a wide range of regulatory issues. As a leading Pharmacy Law attorney in Burbank, CA, Ms. Mkroyan provides representation and advocacy for clients facing a potential investigation or action by the California Board of Pharmacy. She has the experience and knowledge to represent clients who have received citations, and Health or Safety code violations, including CCR, Title 16, Title 21 CFR, and more.

The California State Board of Pharmacy conducts audits and often takes disciplinary action against pharmacies. However Ms. Mkroyan has extensive knowledge of California laws and regulations and will aggressively fight for your rights while offering valuable advice unique to your case. If you need assistance for preparing for or defending against Pharmacy Board investigation or other related issues related to Pharmacy Law, please contact us by calling (818) 841-1772.

Our firm also practices other areas of law, including Family Law, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, and more.